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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dedicated to Gino Grimaldi

Fans of "Knight Rider" will no doubt recognize the name Gino Grimaldi. Gino was a Producer on the show, and had his hand in nearly all of the episodes produced, in some form or another. From overseeing the production of the show, to working with George Barris to build the convertible and Super Pursuit Mode cars, to even directing season four's "Knight of a Thousand Devils", Gino was a multi-talented man who certainly left his mark on the series.

Unfortunately, Gino passed away on April 29, 2016. While we never had a chance to speak with him, we have been fortunate enough to talk with his wife and daughter, who gave us a bit of insight into "Gino, the husband" and "Gino, the father". They have also been so gracious as to dig through their archives and provide us with some terrific behind the scenes photos from the show. With their permission, we are able to give you a peek at these never before seen photos from the production of "Knight Rider".

Gino with "Bang" the orangutan from "Circus Knights":

Miniature K.I.T.T. vs. alligator filming from "Knight in Disgrace":

Stunt man and 2nd Unit Director Jack Gill on location in Chicago for "Knight of the Juggernaut":

Pushing the Juggernaut into place (Chicago, "Knight of the Juggernaut"):

David and an unknown man taking a break from filming (Chicago, "Knight of the Juggernaut"):

Producers Burton Armus and Gino Grimaldi. Note the Juggernaut in the background, as well as Edward Mulhare speaking with Cinematographer H. John Penner. (Chicago, "Knight of the Juggernaut"):

Edward Mulhare sizing up Burton Armus (Chicago, "Knight of the Juggernaut"):

Car customizer Jay Ohrberg poses with 5 K.I.T.T.s, RC's bike and the bad guys Lincoln in Gino's Knight Rider directorial debut, "Knight of a Thousand Devils":

Peter Parros shaking hands with H. John Penner while David Hasselhoff prepares for his scene, "Knight of a Thousand Devils":

Gino, Jay and company prepare to film a scene out at Indian Dunes, "Knight of a Thousand Devils":

Jay and Gino oversee the camera setup on the dune buggy, "Knight of a Thousand Devils":

David Hasselhoff horses around during a break in the filming of "Knight of a Thousand Devils":


  1. Amazing pics thank you.

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  3. Gino sos un genio... orgullo de ser Grimaldi EPD!!!


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