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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Original K.I.T.T. #1995

When "Knight Rider" began filming its third season in 1984, the producers built an all-new K.I.T.T. car to be used for insert shots - the car that was usually towed while the actors inside played out their scene. This new car was K.I.T.T. #1995. This is also the ONLY car the show ever had in which the "Auto Roof" feature actually worked. In fact, in this scene from "Knights of the Fast Lane", you can see the mechanism as Jack Gill drives past:

Jack Gill drive #1995 in "Knights of the Fast Lane"

This episode, along with "Knight in Disgrace", are the only two episodes in the third season in which we see #1995 from the exterior. It was used in every third season episode, but viewers mainly saw the inside. This is also one of the few cars to have the 1983+ split rear seat back.

The Interior of #1995

Another interesting detail worth noting, and it will become important later on. #1995 only had the Trans Am-style rear stone guard on its driver's side, and NOT the passenger side!

Stone guard!

No stone guard!

Also, one other detail that is worth pointing out, as it will be important later. Take note of the hole in the passenger side rear trim panel, where the show normally had a trunk pull cable mounted. This shot is from "Ten Wheel Trouble" in season three:

Trunk pull cable hole in "Ten Wheel Trouble"

Fast forward to the summer before the fourth season. Universal Studios had contracted George Barris to build the Super Pursuit Mode car and the Convertible car. For the SPM car, Universal gave Barris one of their already existing cars - 1995 - to convert to the full-time Super Pursuit car with working EBS flaps!

Remember the stone guard discrepancy? Here it is on #1995 again, as the Super Pursuit car:

Stone guard!

No stone guard!

Here's a rare shot of the interior of the Super Pursuit car, from "Knight of the Juggernaut". Check out the trunk cable hole - EXACT same location as what we saw in #1995 in "Ten Wheel Trouble!"

#1995 as the SPM car with the same trunk cable hole

So there you go! #1995, first used as the insert car for all of season three, converted to the full-time, non-transforming Super Pursuit Mode car for season four and, ultimately (and unfortunately) crushed upon the series' conclusion.


  1. A sad demise indeed. I have seen the picture of when the car was crushed and the guy leaning on what was left of it with a cheshire cat grin on his face. I am sure the destruction of this car was not necessary but was carried out because of possible ill feeling towards the Super Pursuit Mode device.

    1. I also believe that this particular car should have been given back to George Barris to keep in his collection as he was ultimately responsible for its creation.

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  3. Very interesting stuff. What interest me is, the SPM car was a hard top, made to look t-top. And it looks clear that the season 3 version was t-top. They must have hacked up the hard top and the big headliner stack area must have motorized the auto-roof function. It's awesome to see how they made it all work before the CG era kicked in.

  4. It also looks quite apparent the SPM car did not have the fender vents. Its obvious why it did not for the vent portion they cut could vent out. Never noticed it until now haha. I recall so many scenes where you could see the trunk release handle in the back seat area but never noticed the heat extractors gone.

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  7. Just curious but in the 4th season the diffrent comlinks michael has is a Casio

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