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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Hoff Nose - A Deeper Look

On April 11, 2014, the Knight Rider Historians brought home a huge piece of Knight Rider's history - the "Hoff Nose":

This display was built when the series ended in 1986 by the show's producers, who gave it to David as a gift. It features a season 2/3 fiberglass nose, with an original, relay based scanner and fog lights. The nose and scanner are screen used and were pulled from one of the film cars. The fog lights were purchased specifically for this display, as far as we can tell.

And now, for some pictures. First up, a close up of the fog lights used here. They are all plastic and actually use a standard automotive bulb for light. They are riveted to the bumper itself:

 A close-up of the original scanner bar. Since the nose is v-shaped, the producers painted a strip of wood black to lay over the top of the nose to give it a more finished look:

A nice profile shot of the nose:


  1. Do I see an original blue scanner-controller-box on the second picture behind the fog lights?

  2. Yep that's exactly what it is!

  3. I am amazed with intense look of The Hoff Nose. Well that is a great series. The show’s producer has done excellent job as well as it’s praise-worthy too though car shows on tv are my favorite.

  4. Wow, does David still had that? I would like to see it.
    The FotoRider

  5. If you bought it why has no one made a good copy off of it yet! Wtf!

    1. We have had it molded, but we aren't selling copies of it.

  6. Joe, why wouldnt you sell copies of it?

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