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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Lost "Knight of the Drones" Opening

When "Knight of the Drones" first premiered on September 30, 1984, the producers tried very hard to keep K.I.T.T.'s new dashboard under wraps. They even went so far as to create a special opening theme for the episode specifically designed to not show K.I.T.T.'s new features. The result was a hybrid of the season 2 and future season 3 opening and includes one brief scene NOT shown in any other opening theme or episode. This "lost" theme can be seen below. Can you spot the special scene?

Drones Theme USA from Michael Knight on Vimeo.


  1. All of the season 3 dash shots have been replaced by season 2 dash shots. I guess it is the little scene at 0:44 of the dash never seen before and after again ...

  2. I think Joe and you mean the same spot. As i think this is Dart waders bathrooms's scene from the pilot. :) Regards:zuhi Ps.That dash can be seen in a few early episodes.

  3. It's sure to be form the pilot but i think it's not the darth vader's bath room scene, rather than the one when Micael falls asleep and KITT takes over control. The speedometer shows 70 MPH and the steering wheel is turned to the left a little bit. So it's not an unseen scene, just check it in the pilot.;):)

  4. Countdown does look like season 3, but it looks like there's a Super Close up of the taillight after the first Taillight shot we are used to seeing. I don't remember the Super Close up taillight shot. -Todd

    1. where this countdown I keep hearing about let me know thanks

  5. I like the intro il look for special scene

  6. It was good to see this one, I'm sure that this version wasn't ever shown in the uk.