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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Knight Rider Car at World Expo 1988

In 1988, Brisbane, Australia was hosting the World Expo. One of the exhibits was a Knight Rider car that you could sit in, have a conversation with, similar to the display at Universal Studios.

Universal Studios built this display car using an original stunt car from the series and outfitting it with the insert dash used for close-ups during filming. The Expo ran from April to October of 1988. After that time, the car was shipped back to Universal and replaced the existing display car at the theme park.

I am looking for more information about this car while in Australia, to include stories, pictures or video. Thanks!

Here's the one and only video I've found of the car:


  1. I might be able to obtain more KITT World Expo 1988 Joe.

  2. Hi Joe, regarding your timeline this is display car 2 which was sent to the salvage yard? Would be a pitty ...

  3. Shadow Knight - please contact me at I'd love to hear more!

  4. Hi Joe,

    Please continue your work Knight Rider, your site Knight Rider Historians is very good.

    Thank you.


  5. Hi Joe!

    Is that the car you managed to buy?

  6. I actually sat in this car the voice sounded just like Kitts and he had a girlfriend a Lamborghini in the italian stand

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