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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Is this the first Universal Theme Park KITT?

These pictures were given to me last year and they have me very intrigued. As it is known, there were two KITT cars on display at Universal Studios theme park. How can you tell them apart? Well, if it's a 2 TV dash, it's the first car. However, the 1st car later received a 1 TV dash too. The second car received the season 3/4 stage dash. Here's how to tell those apart - the first car had square directional LEDs on the compass, while the second car had the correct arrow LEDs. Also, the first car didn't have swithpod buttons between the LEDs while the second did. Also, the first car had diamond plating on the driver's side floor - the second didn't. Both cars were 1984 models. Here's a breakdown of the timeline of these cars:

1984 - 1986: Display Car 1 with 2 TV dash
1986 - 1991: Display Car 1 with 1 TV dash
1988 - 1993: Display Car 2
1993 - 1997: Display Car 1
1997 - 2000: Display Car 1 (off the water, parked along a walkway with tinted windows)
2001: First Display car supposedly sold
2008: Second Display Car sent to salvage yard

Anyways, regarding these pictures. The last picture shows both of the display cars. The one shown up close is MIA. The other one went to a junkyard in 2008. However, these other pictures also look like they could be the first car. All except the dash - that's a Mark Scrivani dash. However, due to the fact that I own a number of dash pieces from this first car, perhaps the original dash was replaced with Mark's? 

Has anyone out there seen these pictures, or can anyone shed any light on to the whereabouts of this car? We'd love to know!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Tour Car #1

In 1983, Universal Studios had multiple K.I.T.T. cars built for exhibitions throughout the world. For the next few years, these cars would travel to various malls and expos and were greeted with long lines of fans waiting to get a chance to sit in their favorite car. This first car was an SE model, with tan armrests, manual window cranks and a manual transmission. We've been able to identify at least 7 different tour cars in our research, and the current whereabouts of most of these cars are unknown. Many mysteries surround these cars, such as who actually did the construction work. Was it Universal? Was it Jay Ohrberg? Carl Casper? We will find out!