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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Original K.I.T.T. #1198

A couple of weeks ago, the Knight Rider Historians met up at the Kruse Automotive Museum in Auburn, Indiana, to check out another original K.I.T.T. - #1198. This particular car was one of the original four Trans Ams given to the show by Pontiac to shoot the Pilot. While its exact role in the first two years is unknown at this time, we do know about its use later in the series. Beginning in season three, this car was modified to be used as the right hand blind drive car. When the series ended and the car went on display, the blind drive setup was removed and a full dash was added. While the electronics are not Scheffe originals, they do appear original to the series, as does the voicebox. If you are interested in seeing this car, please visit and support the museum. You can get fairly close to it but you will not be able to get closer than a few feet from it....still, it's close enough to get some great dash photos.

We would like to thank the great folks at the Kruse Museum for their hospitality and for talking to us about the car.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Director Chairbacks

The latest acquisition for the Knight Rider Historians - a pair of chair backs used on set by Allen Payne, the head of the hair and make-up department. Allen is a stellar guy and really has fond memories of his time on the set of the show. These chair backs would have been affixed to a director's style chair. One for the dressing room, one for the set, I believe. I truly awesome piece of history!