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Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's a Fake #2: Benchwarmers K.I.T.T.

This 1984 Van Nuys built Trans Am was converted to a look-a-like SPM K.I.T.T. car by George Barris most likely sometime in the early 2000's. Most people didn't know of its existence until April 11, 2004, when it appeared on The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour. In 2006, a dash was installed and this car was featured in the movie The Benchwarmers.

So how can we be so sure it's not an original from the series? Simple - because, in 2008, while this car was being prepared for auction, we visited the car in person and went over it with a fine tooth comb. The car doesn't have any of the standard Universal Studios modifications, no inventory control numbers, no clear windshield...the list goes on and on. The car didn't have an upper or lower console and the fiberglass used to construct the nose didn't appear 25 years old.

While never used in the series, this car is a Barris creation, which in and of itself holds some value.