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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Season 3/4 Voicebox Bezel

Owner: Joe Huth

Description: This voicebox bezel was acquired in early 2011 and was installed on the Universal Studios Display Car #1. Prior to that, it was most likely used in the hero car during the last two seasons of the series. It's made out of aluminum. Note how one of the LEDs is missing; in its place is a small microphone. If you'll notice, the same missing LED can be seen in the picture of the dash when it was still on display at Universal. Amazingly, power was supplied to the bezel and all LEDs lit up beautifully. Unfortunately, the NORMAL, AUTO and PURSUIT LEDs were gone, as was the bar graph arrays that made up K.I.T.T.'s "voice".

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  1. Damn its amazing to know how that thing was put together, would have never have thought alloy and the wiring screams 80's lol


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