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Friday, September 30, 2011

Season 3/4 PANP Board - Lighted!

So, I have owned this PANP board for almost two years, but I never bothered to try and light it up. The wiring appeared to be a mess and I didn't want to damage anything.

I was looking at it yesterday and decided to see what would happen. I figured out the positive and negatives and applied a 9V battery to it...the result is seen above! Surprisingly, with no repairs from me, about 75% of the board still lights! When I get some time, I will probably repair the circuit so the other LEDs light. Cool, eh?


  1. Are the actual norm auto pursuit buttons pushable or was it all just camera tricks, id guess the latter but its always nice to know :D

  2. No it was all camera tricks...they are just LEDs :)

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