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Monday, September 12, 2011

Season 3/4 Compass

Owner: Private

Description: This compass panel was once a part of the dashboard found in the first Universal Studios display car. Note how the textured overlay is missing, revealing the directional arrows as block LEDs. Either this piece was built specifically for the display car and it was done inaccurately, or this is a piece that was used in the series but at some point had the overlay removed. While not easy to see, if you look at the picture of the dash when it was still on display, you can see the block LED compass arrows as well as the red "North" bar graph array.

So, with this piece, I now know where the complete dash electronics for this car are currently. I own the Tach, PANP, monitor frame, voicebox and steering wheel - the other private party owns the rest. Hopefully, we can join our parts back together again and rebuild this dash.

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