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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Original K.I.T.T. #1177 Dash Panels

These dash pieces claiming to be from an original K.I.T.T. car have been a staple on Ebay for the last couple of years. Here's a link to the latest auction:

knight rider kitt original dash buttons prop on screen

So, are they legit?

Yes and No. The title you see is from screen used K.I.T.T. #1177 and is genuine. The rest of the pieces offered in this auction, to my knowledge, were NEVER on the car when it was used in the series. I believe these pieces were installed on #1177 AFTER the series ended. Carl Casper purchased the remaining cars and put them on tour - these panels were part of the modifications done to the car subsequent to filming. So there you have it!


  1. Hello friends!
    I bought these panels.
    And I'm going to install on my new KITT project, inspired by the Tour Cars.
    A big hug from Spain.

    Paquito Custom

  2. The voice box is from the episode "just my bill", right?

  3. Where can I get plans and specs for KITT? Specifically season 4.


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