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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Miniature K.I.T.T. #1

Owner: Private (from Greece)

Description: This is one of several miniature models of K.I.T.T. built by the late Jack Sessums of Sessums and Slagle Productions. These cars first made their appearance in the season two premiere "Goliath" and were seen from time to time throughout the rest of the series. The owner purchased this piece from the Volo Auto Museum in 2007.

Being the only mini K.I.T.T. with an opening t-top, it's easy to spot in such episodes as "Return to Cadiz" and "Knight of the Drones".

You can see a video of this car by clicking this link.


  1. Jack gave me a sheet of those license plates a couple years before he passed.

  2. Do you still have them? If so, you should take a pic or scan them for us to drool over.

  3. I live quite close to Sessums Engineering Here in the Inland empire,(san timotayo canyon) he was gracious enough to have me down to watch the filming of a Mtn Dew commercial for the super bowl back in the late 90's.Took a tour of the shop, saw lots of recognizable stuff from KR and other movies. He is missed. I can only wonder what happened to the Ranch and all the props cars and Mostly Trains.


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