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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The LH Blind Drive Car

From the very start of the series, viewers witnessed K.I.T.T. driving by himself. In reality, stunt man Jack Gill would hide in a specially constructed seat so as to hide his appearance. Originally, there was only one blind drive car - one driven from the driver's seat. It wasn't until the beginning of season three that the passenger side blind drive car made an appearance.

The first picture you see is a behind the scenes shot of the blind drive car. The other pictures show the blind drive car in action on the series. Note that even though K.I.T.T. switched to a 1 TV dash in season 3, you can still spot a 2 TV dash throughout the last 2 years of the show - this is the blind drive car. Any time you see K.I.T.T. driving by himself during seasons 3 and 4 - look for the 2 TV dash. If you can see it, it's the driver's side blind drive car. If you can't - it's the passenger side blind drive car.

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  1. Was that original 2 TV dash crashed too? :(


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