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Saturday, September 3, 2011

K.I.T.T.s on a Transport Truck

Jim Suva from The Rockford Files blog provided this picture depicting some Knight Rider cars on their transport truck - a very cool picture indeed. How many K.I.T.T.'s can you spot?

Do you have any other pictures of the K.I.T.T. cars on a transport or a bigger version of this picture? If so, let use know - we'd love to see them!


  1. Awesome photo! Thanks! I think, that this trailer was used in episode about the guy which stole diamonds and hid them in a monastery.

    Greetings from Poland!

  2. These are good image send. K.I.T.T.s on a Transport Truck is really good know by this blog. Truck is also transportation of the good and cars. I like it.

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  3. Nice photo! Actually, that transport truck is using in hauling and loading heavy equipments like cars and big generators. I hope you can share more photos of this transport truck. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. This is weird. That's a photo I uploaded to years ago. I'm building a replica of KITT and posted that up. That would be on the Universal backlot in Los Angeles back in January of 1985. My dad took that picture on the tram tour, probably because I begged him to.

    I was just surfing the net for KR pics and Google linked to this! That's my pic!

  5. Hey David! Thanks for writing - it's great to hear the story behind this picture. Did you or your dad take any other Knight Rider pictures on that day?

  6. Not like this, but just emailed you pictures of myself at 8 years old in the (first?) Universal car from Jan 1985.

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