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Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's a Fake #1: Gatlinberg K.I.T.T.

Location:Hollywood Star Cars Museum, Gatlinberg, TN

Description: This car has been housed in this museum for a number of years. When I visited this museum on June 6, 2010, the curator told me specifically that "all cars in the museum are screen used, no replicas". Going in, I pretty much knew this car wasn't real. A closer inspection reveals a very poorly done replica with all inaccurate conversion parts. None of the Universal Studios ID markings were present and a check of the VIN confirmed its past. The car was originally a 1984 Trans Am and has a label on the rear bumper that says "Code One Auto".


  1. Code One Auto was a T.V. & Movie Car company in Raritan, NJ

  2. This is the 2nd KITT they've had I was there in 97' and it was a fake also single dash tv not accurate electronics wrong seats had a steering wheel gas and brake pedals behind driver seat ! This car went to there museum in Florida around 99or 2000 then was auctioned off. I have photos I will try to locate. I believe that Joey Fatone bought this car .

    1. I don't know if this is a real kitt or not but I know for a fact the one Joey Fatone purchased was real. I did the window tint on it in Orlando FL. It had Barris custom coach badges on fender. After noticing the Barris Badge I looked at the registration in glove box. Purchased by Joey Fatone from universal studios for $25,000.00. I thought it was fake at first but the build quality was reaallly goood. then when i saw the Barret custom coach badge I thought noooo waaay. turns out Yes way.

  3. I've seen this car there.. was quite disapointed.. along with the Smokey and the Bandit T/A and the Back To The Future Deleoreon..

  4. Yes this replica, at least the interior was made by Paul Sher Jr. of Code 1 auto. dissapointing to say the least.

  5. KNIGHT RIDER it is not, how I know 100%, look the t-tops gave it away K.I.T.T never did have them its hard top and NOT a Trans Am, K.I.T.T. is a firebird GTA , the best of the best in firebirds was used , if you look at the GTA your see it had a lot of computer stuff in it unlike the firebird that had none , look at this pic your see why the gta was used over the lower very firbird

  6. I made a special trip to Gattlinberg to see this car when i was in the States on holiday from Australia..... The lady who worked for the museum said it was deffinately used in a series......BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! the only thing that car has in common with the real car or the series is its a Black Trans Am with a wrap around Dash and a basic Gullwing.... I was totally disgusted in the fact that they were trying to pass it off as a screen car. The faults are endless.......
    Code 1 auto... if your going to attempt a classic show car like KITT Please do your homework and not insult anyone by doing a half assed job......