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Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's a Fake #1: Gatlinberg K.I.T.T.

Location:Hollywood Star Cars Museum, Gatlinberg, TN

Description: This car has been housed in this museum for a number of years. When I visited this museum on June 6, 2010, the curator told me specifically that "all cars in the museum are screen used, no replicas". Going in, I pretty much knew this car wasn't real. A closer inspection reveals a very poorly done replica with all inaccurate conversion parts. None of the Universal Studios ID markings were present and a check of the VIN confirmed its past. The car was originally a 1984 Trans Am and has a label on the rear bumper that says "Code One Auto".


  1. Code One Auto was a T.V. & Movie Car company in Raritan, NJ

  2. This is the 2nd KITT they've had I was there in 97' and it was a fake also single dash tv not accurate electronics wrong seats had a steering wheel gas and brake pedals behind driver seat ! This car went to there museum in Florida around 99or 2000 then was auctioned off. I have photos I will try to locate. I believe that Joey Fatone bought this car .

    1. I don't know if this is a real kitt or not but I know for a fact the one Joey Fatone purchased was real. I did the window tint on it in Orlando FL. It had Barris custom coach badges on fender. After noticing the Barris Badge I looked at the registration in glove box. Purchased by Joey Fatone from universal studios for $25,000.00. I thought it was fake at first but the build quality was reaallly goood. then when i saw the Barret custom coach badge I thought noooo waaay. turns out Yes way.

  3. I've seen this car there.. was quite disapointed.. along with the Smokey and the Bandit T/A and the Back To The Future Deleoreon..

  4. Yes this replica, at least the interior was made by Paul Sher Jr. of Code 1 auto. dissapointing to say the least.

  5. KNIGHT RIDER it is not, how I know 100%, look the t-tops gave it away K.I.T.T never did have them its hard top and NOT a Trans Am, K.I.T.T. is a firebird GTA , the best of the best in firebirds was used , if you look at the GTA your see it had a lot of computer stuff in it unlike the firebird that had none , look at this pic your see why the gta was used over the lower very firbird

  6. I made a special trip to Gattlinberg to see this car when i was in the States on holiday from Australia..... The lady who worked for the museum said it was deffinately used in a series......BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! the only thing that car has in common with the real car or the series is its a Black Trans Am with a wrap around Dash and a basic Gullwing.... I was totally disgusted in the fact that they were trying to pass it off as a screen car. The faults are endless.......
    Code 1 auto... if your going to attempt a classic show car like KITT Please do your homework and not insult anyone by doing a half assed job......

  7. I saw this car on September 18th of 1998, it was OUTSIDE the Cars Of The Stars Barris Museum next to a Herbie and mini-Herbie and 2 of the scanner's bulbs were burned out, it STILL had red Pontiac insignias on the hubcaps. the rims were GOLD RECARO RIMS and there was NO voice modulator/side lights AND no pod unit or function buttons. Knew without even taking an EXTENDED look around the car that it was a fake and I called the tour guide out on the fact that it was NEVER screen used because the ORIGINAL cars with the exception of the SPM and CONVERTIBLE cars were built by Michael Scheffe, the SPM and Convertible cars were designed by Robert Webb and built at the Barris Customs shop as shown on Robert Webb's OWN website


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