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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Behind the Scenes: "Trust Doesn't Rust"

While many of you may have seen this photo before, I wanted to post it so you can take a closer look at something. Look at the passenger side seat - it's set up as an ejection seat! This picture provides one of the best views of the ejection seat and how the production team made it work. Note the lack of a center console and round steering wheel, too!


  1. What was it just a big spring? Do you know how it worked? I always figured they had wires on the actors and just kinda pulled them out of the car. And when MK jumps on a building, they just reversed the film. That's how I heard they did it on 6 million dollar man.

  2. I think it worked on compressed air. According to Jack Gill, they never used wires to pull them out.

  3. Cool- so it really did eject them- if only for a few feet?


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